What makes you happy?

What are 5 everyday things that bring you happiness?

“What are five everyday things that bring you happiness? Here is my personal list.”

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  1. Listening to music.
  2. Getting up in the morning to discover that the sun is shining.
  3. Reading a good book.
  4. Spending time gardening.
  5. Chatting with friends.

Ideas for leftover Easter Chocolate.

Ok, so some of us (I am usually one of them) will have leftover chocolate after Easter, so I thought I’d try and come up with some suggestions of how it can be used up in other ways.

  • Melted over biscuits or cakes.
  • To make hot chocolate with.
  • Chocolate bark.
  • A homemade chocolate sauce to pour over puddings.
  • Chocolate Fondue – dip fruit/berries in it.
  • You can even freeze chocolate – make sure you do so carefully, but yes you can.

Here are some websites with chocolate themed recipes if you are still unsure.




chocolate eggs
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Working for free, would you do it?

What job would I do for free, well that’s called volunteering isn’t it? I already do a voluntary job, and this is helping adults, most of whom have dementia or another memory issue. I go in and chat with them and help with games and other activities aimed to stimulate and interest. We talk about lots of different things, such as what they’ve been up to, what their life was like when they were children, how the world has changed, their garden or pets. Anything goes really.

Honestly, I really enjoy doing this and gain a lot from it, but for any other job I’d like to be paid thankyou very much. Jobs I’d love to do would be.


  • Wheelchair tester and reviewer.
  • Blogger.
  • Growing seeds – horticulture basic level type job.
  • Taste tester for crisps or chocolate.
  • Access advisor for shops, businesses, and public transport.
  • Secret shopper.
  • Hotel tester/reviewer.


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Monday songs

Classic Monday anthems

When it comes to classic Monday anthems there are several tracks that have stood the test of time. Here are some all-time favourites:

“Manic Monday” by The Bangles

This 1986 hit is perhaps one of the most famous ‘Monday’ themed songs out there. With its catchy melody and relatable lyrics about dreading going back to work after enjoying your weekend break – it’s no wonder this track still resonates with listeners today.


“I Don’t Like Mondays” by The Boomtown Rats

While not necessarily an upbeat track like others listed here – “I Don’t Like Mondays” was inspired by real-life events making it just as powerful if not more so than others. Written after a school shooting in California in 1979 – this song highlights how hard Mondays can be when faced with tragedy or struggles but also reminds us that we’re not alone in feeling overwhelmed at times.

“Walking On Sunshine” by Katrina & The Waves

This classic 80s tune is pure sunshine with its bouncy rhythm and joyous chorus encouraging listeners to soak up those feel-good vibes from start to finish. It’s impossible not to smile when hearing this song!

Songs to motivate and inspire

Of course – not everyone wants or needs classics tunes from decades past blasting through their earbuds every Monday morning! For those wanting something fresh or less mainstream here are some newer tracks worth adding your playlist:

“Good Days” by SZA

Released in 2020 – “Good Days” quickly became one fofthe most popular Sunday/Monday tunes thanks largely imparted due SZA’s beautiful voice but also thanks t its encouraging lyrics telling listeners they’ve got this even when times seem tough.

“Higher Love” by Kygo ft Whitney Houston

This remake of Whitney Houston’s original track from 1990 blends together modern production techniques with Houston’s powerhouse vocals resulting in an uplifting dance-worthy anthem perfect for motivating listeners throughout their entire day.

“Can’t Stop” by Red Hot Chili Peppers

This funky rock favorite will get pulses racing thanks largely imparted due Red Hot Chili Peppers’ infectious energy throughout coupled with empowering lyrics reminding listeners anything is possible if they set their minds o it no matter how daunting said task may seem initially.


In conclusion – whether you prefer classic hits or modern chart-toppers there’s likely no shortage of tracks out there perfectly suited for getting your day off on just the right foot! By incorporating these kinds of feel-good vibes into your weekly routine you may find yourself feeling more motivated energized better prepared no matter what challenges lay ahead!

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Time Alone.

I thought I’d write a list of ways to spend time alone. Some are useful in that they get a task done, the others are good because they help you learn more about who you are as a person and to do what you love. Whatever you choose, embrace that time spent alone, we often don’t take advantage of it as we should when we get it.

  • Watch a sunrise or sunset.
  • Read a book.
  • Watch your favourite movie.
  • Go for a walk in your favourite place.
  • Visit somewhere new.
  • Sort through that important pile of paperwork.
  • Organise your wardrobe. If there’s anything you no longer wear, pop it in a bag to take to a charity shop.
  • Start a garden, or spend time in the one you already have.
  • Do some cooking, make your favourite meal or do some batch cooking to save time in the future.
  • Have a spa time, and pamper yourself.
  • Reflect on your goals, and how you want to get there.
  • Visit a bookstore and choose a new book. A library is the free alternative if you prefer.
  • Organize all your photos.
  • Send out some handwritten letters to people you haven’t spoken to in a while.
  • Listen to a podcast or audiobook while getting some chores done.
  • Take an online class about something you’ve been curious about that’s unrelated to your work.
  • Do a workout.
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