10 things to do this weekend.

Here’s a list of 10 things to do this weekend, you can change it up for future weekends.

1. Spend some quality time outdoors, whether it be going for a run, walking the dog, or playing football at the park with the kids.

2. Sort through your medicine cabinet and first aid kit. Check everything’s in date, throw out old bits that aren’t. Add to it anything that needs replacing.

3. Sit quietly and take in your surroundings, just relax, be still and calm. If you want to put some music on at low volume do so, but otherwise just chill for a while, even 5-10 minutes is better than none.

4. Chat with a friend you’ve not seen or spoken with for a while. You’ll both enjoy it.

5. Do a random act of kindness. It doesn’t have to cost anything or be something huge, just something that helps someone else, or makes their day a bit brighter.

6. Check the tred on your car tyres. This is something that shouldn’t take long, but will help towards keeping you safe.

7. Go through your bank account, and cancel any direct debits that you either don’t make use of anymore, or would be happy to get rid off. This will free up a little more cash for you.

8. Make time to do something you enjoy. You deserve it!!

9. Go somewhere local that you’ve not been to before. We all go to attractions, parks, museums, events etc…. that are further away, but forget to explore the ones on our own doorstep.

10. Use your best crockery etc…. and lay the table properly, don’t just save them for a special occasion. Enjoy using them. Lay the table really nicely with candles etc… if you like that. Make eating that meal a extra nice experience – you are worth it!!

Have a fabulous week everyone.

Someone on a swing.