The best care?

So many people out there need that little bit of extra help, or care, if you prefer to use that word. But, what is the best care to give them?

Everyone is an individual who needs someone or something else in their life to help it be a life full of fun and quality living, not just living, but being alive and feeling alive!

What a disabled child, or disabled adult needs in the way of care will differ between each individual, but it’ll also be very different to what a frail 88 year old beds for example.

There isn’t a one answer solution, which means absolutely NO, no way should care homes be the automatic standard solution given and recommended by local (or national) government providers.

They struggle to give suitable support now, and that’s generally for pretty much one age range, the elderly. Who all each have their own needs, even the elderly vary so much. Some people choose care homes, and that’s a choice which should be recognised as theirs to make.

They may feel unable to cope day to day safely at home, and prefer to have the reassurance of help being nearby, and the social goings on, as well as being surrounded by a small community whist having their own private room and bathroom.

A huge number of those who need care of some sort to help with daily life, are of working age, quite a few actually do work in someway, whether it be going to work, working from home, running their own business, or in a voluntary capacity either in the community or from home. Now this would immediately become impossible for most if they were compelled to give up their existing life and move into a care home – bare in mind that there’s no guarantee as to where that place would be, it might well not even be local to where they live now.

Others are unable to work, but still with the right support are able to manage living at home and have a thriving social life, should they be expected to just give that up? I think not. There lives aren’t any less important than the people who are rich and famous, or those who run big businesses. Who are we to say sorry, but your life doesn’t matter.

The best care, is the care that adds value and independence for each individual person. Everyone gives back to their community in some way, whether it just be a fantastic smile and greeting that makes the other person happy and improves their day, or they run a local charity event. We all touch our community in a way, but some just need that little bit of extra time and care so they can join in with and share that sense of community and give back in their own unique way.

Let’s care in the best way as both a community, but also as nation. #bekindalways


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You Make Your Bed, You Die in It: The Importance of Taking Responsibility for Your Actions

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You Make Your Bed, You Die in It: The Importance of Taking Responsibility for Your Actions