Facing the Unexpected.

Wow, today did not go as planned! Let me tell you what happened…

I went out in my powerchair like I usually do, and the weather was pretty good for this time of year. I was cruising along, enjoying my day, when suddenly I heard a teenager say, “Your chair is smoking!” I thought he was joking, but he insisted that one of the motors was smoking.


After a short conversation, the motor stopped smoking, but it was still really warm. I decided to switch to a different chair when I got back, and let the other one cool down. Later, we tested it again and found that the motor on one side was still warmer than the other, but there was no smoke this time.

Looks like I’ll have to call the repair company tomorrow. Being a wheelchair user is never boring!

Smoke trail in blue. Photo by Tetyana Kovyrina on Pexels.com

Creating a bucket list.


So you’ve decided to write a bucket list? Awesome! It’s never too late to start dreaming and setting goals for yourself. The first thing you need to do is grab a pen and paper or open up your laptop, then start brainstorming. Write down everything you’ve ever wanted to do in life – big, small, simple or complex – without worrying about how realistic they are. Once you’ve got a long list of ideas, it’s time to prioritize and narrow it down. Think about what’s most important to you right now or what would have the biggest impact on your life. Don’t forget that some things may require planning ahead or saving money for, so be sure to take those into consideration when making your final decisions. Remember that this list is not set in stone; It can always evolve as you grow and change as a person. Just have fun with it!

I’m not sure what I’d include in mine, nothing really wild I don’t think, but you may be far more adventurous than me. I’d more go down the creating memories route, and going back to places I love and spending more time with loved ones.

hot air balloons. Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

The best care?

So many people out there need that little bit of extra help, or care, if you prefer to use that word. But, what is the best care to give them?

Everyone is an individual who needs someone or something else in their life to help it be a life full of fun and quality living, not just living, but being alive and feeling alive!

What a disabled child, or disabled adult needs in the way of care will differ between each individual, but it’ll also be very different to what a frail 88 year old beds for example.

There isn’t a one answer solution, which means absolutely NO, no way should care homes be the automatic standard solution given and recommended by local (or national) government providers.

They struggle to give suitable support now, and that’s generally for pretty much one age range, the elderly. Who all each have their own needs, even the elderly vary so much. Some people choose care homes, and that’s a choice which should be recognised as theirs to make.

They may feel unable to cope day to day safely at home, and prefer to have the reassurance of help being nearby, and the social goings on, as well as being surrounded by a small community whist having their own private room and bathroom.

A huge number of those who need care of some sort to help with daily life, are of working age, quite a few actually do work in someway, whether it be going to work, working from home, running their own business, or in a voluntary capacity either in the community or from home. Now this would immediately become impossible for most if they were compelled to give up their existing life and move into a care home – bare in mind that there’s no guarantee as to where that place would be, it might well not even be local to where they live now.

Others are unable to work, but still with the right support are able to manage living at home and have a thriving social life, should they be expected to just give that up? I think not. There lives aren’t any less important than the people who are rich and famous, or those who run big businesses. Who are we to say sorry, but your life doesn’t matter.

The best care, is the care that adds value and independence for each individual person. Everyone gives back to their community in some way, whether it just be a fantastic smile and greeting that makes the other person happy and improves their day, or they run a local charity event. We all touch our community in a way, but some just need that little bit of extra time and care so they can join in with and share that sense of community and give back in their own unique way.

Let’s care in the best way as both a community, but also as nation. #bekindalways

Is “Finding Your Passion” necessary? No It’s Not.

The latest scientific studies show that “finding your passion” is far too limiting and only works for a small number of people. The optimal approach is to “develop your passion” through following up your interests and working to develop them. You may not be passionate about your interests at first, but as you learn more […]

Is “Finding Your Passion” necessary? No It’s Not.

Car washes are scary!

If you want the thrill of a theme park without having to go far (or spending too much money), may I recommend your local automatic car wash. They’ve always given me a mix of excitement and slight fear all wrapped into one. The water loudly spraying against the car, the rollers which lash all sides […]

Car washes are scary!

Powerchair Out of Action

On the Southport Pier before the control panel got locked! With the use of a powerchair, I can drive into a taxi, get on/off the bus and cover miles on footpaths to reach a chosen destination without depending on anyone else to drive me everywhere. My powerchair allows me to be independent and move about […]

Powerchair Out of Action

Hidden secrets.

As a child I loved reading mystery stories, you know, those ones with smugglers and other crimes too.

Apart from the excitement of finding out what was going to happen next, and who the guilty person was, and their capture. I was also absolutely fascinated by all the secret passageways and hidden entrances.

The ‘detectives’ in these books were often children, such and those in the ‘Famous Five’ stories. Gosh didn’t they have amazing adventures and such freedom too!!

My nearest city has secret (well old) passages underneath it, and I’d love to be able to go down there and explore. What an incredible and interesting experience that would be.