First impressions count!!


When you see someone for the first time, you automatically build up and impression of who they are, and what you imagine them to be like. It’s something we all do, it’s just an automatic reaction we do subconsciously even.

When someone first sees me, I am fully aware that the first thing they’ll notice is my disability. I want them to see the friendly, kind, shy, yet also in some ways confident person that I am. To realise I am reasonably intelligent, and capable of understanding things, finding my way, know what I want, and will help if I possibly can.

People make far too many incorrect assumptions about me. If you’re not sure about something, or want to know something, then ask politely. I’ll answer if it’s an appropriate question, or decline to if it isn’t.

Writing on a plain background saying 
More equality
More Hope
More Humanity 
More acceptance
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