When you are patient and keep on going.

When you are patient and don’t give up, good things happen.

Look what’s happened to my blog!!! Thankyou all so very much.




A Blogging Crisis?

… I haven’t been blogging much lately. Every time I sat down at my desk with the intention to write a post, our now nine-month-old Vader laid down at my feet and looked at me with his puppy eyes. Perfect dog owners don’t grow on trees, they are carefully trained by their dogs -and I […]

A Blogging Crisis?

OK, how on Earth…

How on Earth do other bloggers add so much content so quickly?

How much time do you spend writing? Do you have more than one person adding to your blog, or use technology to help you in some way?

I can type but to be honest I quite often dictate my posts. This can be trickier if I have a cold like I do at the moment.

What hints or tips can you pass on to a new blogger? Obviously I’m not expecting you to help with the content.

My blog target.

I’m very new to blogging, and that shows I’m sure but….

By the end of March I would love to achieve 100 followers, and 500+ views in March.

Please stick with me, and enjoy this constantly evolving blog of my views, ideas, and experiences.

Thankyou a million times for reading.

A note with Thank you written in purple ink, and some matching flowers beside it.

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4 Strategies I Use to Avoid Wasting Time Searching for “The Next Big Productivity Hack.” — Veronica Bale’s Blog