Old Computer Games.

I’m just sat here remembering some of the early computer games which I would have played in the mid 80’s to early 90’s. I wonder if you remember any of them.

Granny’s garden was the one with the witch, and coloured dragons as far as I recollect you had to complete tasks and choose the dragons in the correct order. I am sure there was more to it than that, but it’s a very long time ago now.

Ergo, this was a mathematical game. I’ve never come across this since, and can’t remember much about it except that I quite enjoyed it.

Space Invaders, of course was right up there, and I am sure you’ll all have played this in some version or other.


Snake, this was included on mobile phones as it was a relatively simple game concept and probably won’t have required much memory space or battery power. At school we used to play this in break time if the weather was bad, even the headmaster used to join in. I had this game at home as well, so was quite often at the top of the leader board as I was able to practise it more.


Pac-man, I’ll bet everyone recognises the logo for this game!! Did you play it? I really liked this game, but was better and had more patience with the game Snake.

What computer games did you enjoy in the 1980’s-90s?

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