I’ll have a little drinky.

What is your favorite drink?

My favourite drink? That’s rather a general question. The drink I have the most often, and prefer for everyday is tea.

If I’ve been out in the cold miserable weather, then a delicious mug of hot chocolate is in order.

Out for a pub meal, then a cider will be my drink of choice. A Bulmers generally.


Grind Less and Glide More

By Amy S. Hilliard A lot has been written lately about Quiet Quitting, the #Soft Life, and women losing ambition as we have gone through the pandemic and seen COVID change the way we live and the priorities we used to hold dear.  I know.  When it was announced on May 14, 2022, that 1 […]

Grind Less and Glide More

Powerchair Out of Action

On the Southport Pier before the control panel got locked! With the use of a powerchair, I can drive into a taxi, get on/off the bus and cover miles on footpaths to reach a chosen destination without depending on anyone else to drive me everywhere. My powerchair allows me to be independent and move about […]

Powerchair Out of Action

‘Eating or breathing’: energy costs force stark choices on disabled people

People with severe disabilities and chronic conditions struggling in cost of living crisis, research shows Poet and scriptwriter Karis Williamson is on full-time ventilation and uses a powerchair. Photograph: Murdo MacLeod/The Guardian Soaring energy bills are forcing people with severe disabilities and chronic health conditions to choose in extreme cases between “eating or breathing” as they […]

‘Eating or breathing’: energy costs force stark choices on disabled people