Is it just me, or do you too enjoy going on sites such as https://www.rightmove.co.uk/ and looking at different properties?

I love browsing on there and looking to see what’s available, and what the prices are doing? I seem to have medium size price wants, not the really expensive ones, I’ve no desire for a swimming pool, fancy bathrooms, outdoor hot tubs, or huge ponds.

Prices are going down by the looks of it at the moment, I’ve noticed a couple of properties have dropped £10,000 recently.

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Please tell me though, what on earth is it that people love so much about gravel?

As a wheelchair user it’s not my friend anyway, but it’s so untidy it spreads everywhere if you’re not careful. I’d much rather have tarmac or a brick weave driveway. Brick weave would be my preferred option, but tarmac would probably be cheaper.

Solar panels are something I’d definitely opt for, especially as we now seem to be having heatwaves more often.

Lots of dog friendly open spaces would be a great selling point to me, and ideally within walking distance of the local shops, on a good bus route to places further away.



Hiya, I hope you are all having a lovely day, and have something unexpectedly nice happen to you today!


We have had the weather getting so crazy confused recently due to climate change, did you notice how much hotter it has been this year? Well I certainly did, what worries me is this saying: what goes up, must come down again. I am worried that after an incredible long, hot and dry year it’s all going to get really bad in the opposite direction now, and we will suffer and bad winter. The likes of which we haven’t seen for a long time now.

Please make sure that you have done a bit of basic preparation just in case, a few tins extra, and more logs for the fireplace if you have one, that kind of thing. No…. I’m not suggesting you hoard in weeks worth of supplies or anything like that, but check you have the basics in, and your car is in good road worthy condition, you have de-icer etc…

Check in on your neighbours, especially the elderly, less mobile, or otherwise vulnerable ones especially. Make sure they are ok too.

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