Craft trolley.

I think this trolley is great, it was so easy to put together, is built well and has different sections plus hooks to hang stuff on too.

Mine is kept by my desk, and has all the basic craft essentials stored in it. The glues, scissors, trimmer, double-sided tape, envelopes,card blanks etc….. and still there’s space left.

The trolley came from Amazon. Here’s the link to the item. (sponsored link, meaning I may earn a small amount)


Craft shopping.

Just had a browse on Chloe’s craft site, and yes a naughty but stunning stamp and die set jumped into my basket and checked out before I could stop it.

Now gotta be patient for it to arrive before I can have a play, but I’ll pop a card up once I have used it so you can have a peek.

If you’re curious and want to see what I bought, then here’s a link.

Maybe tomorrow?

Something on your “to-do list” that never gets done.

Domino’s always intended to but rarely get a chance to is to have a day of crafting. Just a whole day of being creative.

This rarely happens as by the time I’ve done everything else, I’ve lost steam and give up on the idea as I know that I will need to be doing away again before I had a chance to complete the project.

Photo of a craft desk with scissors gems and also the other crafty things. This is not my desk though.

Lottery winner.

What would you do if you won the lottery?

What I’d do would depend on how much I won, but here’s what I would do if I won big money.

Firstly I’d be looking on rightmove and booking some viewings for bungalows that caught my eye. Nothing ridiculously fancy or stupid expensive. Ideally a 3 bed so I could have friends to stay, and a good sized garden, and a craft room.

I’d share with family, and invest some money too, also I would give a decent donation to a few charities close to my heart.

Have full time P.A rota set up and be able to give them a good wage. Travel more (just around the UK), and be able to do so pretty much spontaneously.

I don’t desire an extravagant lifestyle, just a comfortable life being able to afford what I need without any money worries.

I would splash out on one thing I’d really love though, and that’s an all terrain powerchair. But the top of my list would be the bungalow.