A challenge in life?

Everyone has different challenges in life, my major challenge is how to do what I want/need to do when and where is best for me and my life.


Being disabled means you rely on others more than the average person, and quite often you have specific access needs too.

Take a simple day out, using public transport and including using loos and having a meal out. Well, as well as doing the usual basics of checking timetables for the best time for your needs, you also need to check the following times too – as buses only take one wheelchair at a time, and there could well already be a wheelchair user onboard the bus, or waiting before you in the queue.

Are the stores you need to go to accessible? No idea, so this is where I will either take a chance (if it’s not vital), or hit them up via e-mail, the phone or good old twitter – companies usually respond pretty quickly via twitter as the communication system is very public.

Meal out….. is the restaurant accessible for your needs? It may have wheelchair access, but what height are the tables themselves, and is the loo accessible, and useable? Often they are either non-existent, on another floor and the lift is out of action, or they are being used as a store cupboard.

Photo by Quark Studio on Pexels.com