Dreaming of a home.

I have already mentioned in a previous blog post that I would love to have my own place and be a home owner. It would be a bungalow.


My dream home would be a three bedroom bungalow with a generous sized enclosed garden, and a double garage connected to the bungalow.

This would allow me to have room for friends & family to stay over. Also I’d turn the garage into a couple of smaller rooms, one of which would be a craft room, space for all my creative chaos to reign in.

The garden would mainly be lawn and a patio area, but I’d also love a greenhouse. I do container gardening as this is more accessible for me as a wheelchair user.

Bonus points if there’s a conservatory, I’d absolutely love it if there was. But actually, just a bungalow (with a garden for the dog to enjoy) to call my own would be absolutely amazing, the other things would be delightful added extras.

Golden yellow flowers with a butterfly hovering above.