Describe the most ambitious DIY project you’ve ever taken on.


I am one of those people who has amazing visions of what they might do in the way of DIY, but lets get real here. DIY isn’t something I am good at, yes at a very basic level, but beyond that – lets get the experts in.

I know what I am and am probably not capable of, and it’ll cost more to get mistakes put right.

A small basic flat pack is something I can do, and enjoy doing. My physical disability prevents me doing the bigger ones, but I have put together a small table and a TV stand in the past.

Given plenty of time, and the people around me having the patience to wait for me to do stuff at my speed is half the battle honestly. I know I am slow at doing some stuff, and may not do it the way you’d do it, but if it works don’t knock it. If you’re getting frustrated at the pace I do something, read a book, offer a hand but please please don’t jump in and take over.

Shop front of Parkers garden machinery and DIY shop, Denmead by Peter Facey is licensed under CC-BY-SA 2.0