Exploring the Fun World of Snuffle Mats

I am beyond thrilled to share how much my dog loves his snuffle mat! From the moment I introduced it to him, he has been completely obsessed with it. Watching him use his nose to sniff and hunt for treats hidden within the various crevices of the mat brings me endless joy. Not only does this toy stimulate his mind and provide healthy mental stimulation, it also offers a perfect opportunity for us to bond as we play together. The fact that my furry companion has taken such a liking to something which can offer him so much enrichment is truly a wonderful feeling. I am excited to see continued growth in our relationship as he continues to explore and enjoy this incredible treasure. My dog and I both highly recommend getting a snuffle mat – trust us, your pup will love it too! https://amzn.to/3TX9gpr

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

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Animal lover

What are your favorite animals?

I really am a huge animal lover, but dogs have to be my all time favourite animal.

They are so loyal, understanding, patient and caring. Given the time and care they truly deserve, they’ll pay that back 1000’s of times more over their lifetime.

I don’t believe there is such a thing as a bad dog. A traumatised one, a scared dog, an under exercised and under stimulated dog, and definitely confused ones. But not a dog that’s bad from birth.

It is our responsibility and commitment to care for and look after them, and we need to do the best we can by them. Ensuring they feel safe, loved, secure, comfortable, and healthy.

They really are the perfect companion/friend.

At least Covid was tidy.

I don’t want to, but feel I need to talk rubbish!


During the main Covid19 lockdowns in the UK I couldn’t help but notice something. People were suddenly so far more appreciative and caring of the countryside.

Far more people were out and about walking, running, cycling and wheeling around the local countryside roads than I’ve ever seen, before or since.

That was natural, everyone was bored of looking at the same 4 walls each day. So outdoors was the only option, places were closed and social distancing was the order of the time.

Photo by Karolina Grabowska on Pexels.com

I noticed that despite the massive increase in people, and their dogs. The verges were so much cleaner and tidier, people were taking their rubbish home, or dropping it in a bin on their way. They were also going out litter picking cleaning up after others who didn’t quite get the fact that looking after nature is our collective responsibility.

Sadly I am now noticing that the levels of rubbish, empty bottles, wrappers etc … are being dropped and left again. We really haven’t learnt have we.

Dogs & understanding.

Photo by Ilargian Faus on Pexels.com

If I could make my dog understand one thing. That would that be even though I am not sat right by him, or doing something with him right that very moment, I still love him and we’ll do something together soon.

I’ll bet some of you have energetic dogs like I have, and you take them for a good long walk, and they repay you by wanting to go straight outside to play when you get back.

Well, don’t those gorgeous eyes manage to make you feel guilty, even though you know you’ve been out a good hour or more.


Dogs are love.

Dogs are incredible, they are so utterly completely genuine and selfless.


They love with all their being and heart, they will sit and listen, or just quietly rest a head on your lap. Equally they’ll go miles with you without question or complaint.

I tried to sit and count all the commands and words my dog understands, and it was an impressive amount, I’m sure I didn’t count them all either.

Photo by Karolina Grabowska on Pexels.com

Like us, they all have their likes and dislikes and funny quirks, but that’s what makes them who they are. My dog loves eggs, bit they have to be cooked, he won’t touch a raw egg.

He loves swimming in natural spaces, but will walk around a puddle. Is as gentle as anything taking anything from you, but will happily drop a grotty sopping wet toy on your lap – yuk!!!

He loves walks, and a good sniff n nosey around, but finds waiting while you take a photo boring.

He loves car drives, and even enjoys going on the bus, but doesn’t particularly like busy traffic filled places.

Before you get a dog….

Dogs are amazing, ‘Man’s Best Friend’ so they say, and yes this can be very true. Before you embark on the journey of dog ownership, there are many things you need to consider, I’ll write a little about the ones that come to mind.

  1. Have you got the time required to give them the attention and exercise/training they need? Some dogs need more than others, but they all need and deserve time with you that’s just for them, not shared with anyone else, nor rushed because you’re busy. We all get extra busy sometimes, and if this happens occasionally, that’s fine and only natural. If you are working away from home during the day/night, who’s going to let the dog out, or give it a run somewhere?
  2. How much space do you have, do you have space for it to have a bed or two around the house, do you have a garden? My dog loves spending time outside, and luckily there is a garden, but I wouldn’t have the breed of dog that I do if there wasn’t a garden, as I feel they need that extra escape if they find things boring indoors, the weather is nice, things indoors are hectic or noisy, or they (like we do) just need a change of scene.
  3. Money is another thing that you need to consider. Can you afford regular vet visits for vaccines and other boosters. Insurance is another thing that you need to think about. As well as their food. Also, if you are going to any training classes, or plan to take up agility, you will need to pay for them too. Could you afford to have it groomed regularly? Can you budget for unexpected vet bills?
  4. Do you have enough patience? Are you a calm person.? What training method are you going to use? Which areas of the house you going to allow it? Would you mind all the mud in the winter? Are you in all-weather person? The dog may well want to go out in most weathers.
A brown and white puppy lying in the grass, looking up with head tilted to the side. Very cute!!
Photo by Sart Face on Pexels.com