Animal lover

What are your favorite animals?

I really am a huge animal lover, but dogs have to be my all time favourite animal.

They are so loyal, understanding, patient and caring. Given the time and care they truly deserve, they’ll pay that back 1000’s of times more over their lifetime.

I don’t believe there is such a thing as a bad dog. A traumatised one, a scared dog, an under exercised and under stimulated dog, and definitely confused ones. But not a dog that’s bad from birth.

It is our responsibility and commitment to care for and look after them, and we need to do the best we can by them. Ensuring they feel safe, loved, secure, comfortable, and healthy.

They really are the perfect companion/friend.


Is “Finding Your Passion” necessary? No It’s Not.

The latest scientific studies show that “finding your passion” is far too limiting and only works for a small number of people. The optimal approach is to “develop your passion” through following up your interests and working to develop them. You may not be passionate about your interests at first, but as you learn more […]

Is “Finding Your Passion” necessary? No It’s Not.

Things we did, but kids now don’t understand.

We grew up with adverts on every channel except bbc, with no way of fast forwarding them.

We learnt to tell the time using an analogue clock, and in roman numerals too. A lot of children either can’t, or struggle to read either of these. They are used to having digital clocks everywhere.

We used to go to the video rental shop, or the library and hire a video or DVD for the week. Now people just stream them online.

More families used to cook from scratch together, and pass on these skills. Maybe they’d have a takeaway on a Friday. Now there are microwave meals, and fast food deliveries any day of the week – even Sunday.

We grew up with pretty much everything being shut on a Sunday, now you can do loads of things on a Sunday as places and shops are open.

We used to take empty drink bottles and returned them, for a few pennies, or a discount on the reply drink.