My favourite sausage rolls.


Loads of places sell sausage rolls, or you can even make your own.

I have to admit my favourite, eat out sausage rolls are from Greggs.

If I am buying to eat later then it’s the mini ones that Tesco sell.

Yes, I have made them in the past, but prefer these and they aren’t something I eat very often so they are a treat.

payment machine at shop.
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Disappointed Doggy.

I am currently being summoned by my lovely and commanding canine companion. Despite having taken him on two walks today, he is once again demanding my attention. Unfortunately, it is not yet time for his dinner, so he may be disappointed to learn this fact. Furthermore, we will not be embarking on a third walk as the sky is quickly clouding over and becoming darker.


Treat night.

We all deserve a treat night occasionally, so what do sort of thing would you choose for yours?

The weather has been pretty yukky here today, so not a night for going out. Therefore I chose to have a takeaway pizza instead.

It was made by a local takeaway company, and delivered by yofoodie, and I have to say it was delicious 😋.

Pizza in the takeaway box.

In case you’re interested, it was (yes I ate it all) a margarita pizza with added sweetcorn.


Food delivery.

Not at all, but a lot of takeaway places will also provide a delivery service. This can generally be done by ordering on the phone, in person, or online.

You know the apps – Just Eat, Deliveroo, Uber Eats, Yo Foodie, and probably many more I can’t think of. I think it generally costs companies extra, so some companies organise their delivery service.

What I have noticed, however, is that the least likely fast food place to offer a delivery service or online ordering service are Chinese takeaways. I have no idea why this is. I’m sure it would be used if they did.

Don’t worry often have a takeaway, but if I did I’d like to be able to order a Chinese online (sweet & sour) and have it delivered. Sadly this is not an option. I don’t drive so delivered takeaway is the only kind I’ll get.

What is your favourite takeaway meal?

Foodie loves

Gosh this is gonna make me feel hungry 🙄😂

OK so on the whole I like fairly simple meals, no fancy sauces or posh relishes. There are a few exceptions, but not many.

I adore pasta, so any simple tomato or bolognaise type dishes involving pasta go down well.

A roast is up high on the list too. Not roast beef though.

A fruit scone, hot with a small amount of butter is what I call bliss!

Fruit is preferable to veg, though I do eat veg. Just I like a wider variety of fruits than veg.

I’m a marmite lover, but I just like normal marmite on toast or in a cheese sandwich. Not this weird thing of adding marmite flavour to chocolate or suchlike.


Some of you already know about this app I’m sure. It’s been around a while, people or companies use it to give away free food.

What you might not know is it expanded is there is more on offer now it is not just food.

If you have some surplus food, or other bits and pieces that you’d like to give to someone you may not be able to afford them, or just too prevent waste which is main object of the app, then download it, have a browse and pop bits on there.

Food is usually on there for a limited time and you will have to pick it up at the time and place agreed by the person giving. If there is more than one package waiting to be collected then please just take your own one and not other people’s as well.

Here’s a link to find out more information

Tonight it’ll be

So what will you be having tonight? Let me guess could it possibly maybe pancakes. I know it will be here.

I adore that American pancakes. But tonight it will be the ordinary thin pancakes traditionally eaten in the UK.

I don’t know about you, but mine will have freshly squeezed lemon, and a sprinkle of sugar on them.

A while ago I had the most delicious American pancakes you can think of, so I will add a photo of those to get your taste buds ready for your pancakes tonight.

American pancakes with berries and syrup, with a dollop of vanilla ice cream on the side.

Love cooking.

What’s your favorite thing to cook?

My favourite food to cook isn’t anything complicated, just a spaghetti bolognese. When I cook this I don’t bother any particular recipe I just see what is available in the kitchen and go from there.

I use fresh veg or frozen. Maybe I might have some leftover soup and added that. I love pasta so always do plenty!

Not sure how you feel about garlic but I’ll add that to the Bolognese. Garlic bread to go with it is a must! I prefer this to dough balls.

Pancake Tuesday | Shrove Tuesday

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