I love shopping.

I love shopping, both online and in person. I can spend hours browsing and choosing what I think is just the perfect gift for someone, or a gorgeous new item for my home.

Are you someone who loves doing this too? If so, why not have a look on here. This the shop sell for now. I have a group on Facebook where I share any offers that are available, and we provide UK Tracked Delivery.


If you want to join my Facebook group and keep updated on offers it is: https://www.facebook.com/groups/houseofwonderments

No selling, scammers, or other undesirable behaviour will be tolerated, so only join if you are interested in a bit of chatting, and shopping.

As you can see, these were created using Canva, which I mentioned teaching myself the other day. Progress is being made.

Have a beautiful day everyone.


A flowery tale.


Once upon a time, in a far-off land, there was a giant talking pansy. Yes, you heard that right, a pansy that was as big as a house and could speak like a human. The pansy lived in a beautiful garden, surrounded by other flowers and plants, but it was the most unique and special of them all.

People from all over the kingdom came to see the giant talking pansy, and they were amazed by its wit and intelligence. The pansy loved to tell stories and jokes, and it could make anyone laugh with its clever remarks. It was the life of the garden, and everyone loved it.

One day, a wicked witch came to the garden and cast a spell on the giant talking pansy. The spell made the pansy lose its voice, and it could no longer speak. The other flowers and plants were devastated, and they tried everything they could to break the spell, but nothing worked.

Days turned into weeks, and weeks turned into months, and the giant talking pansy remained silent. But one day, a little girl came to the garden and saw the pansy. She felt sorry for it and decided to talk to it. To her surprise, the pansy responded, and they had a long conversation.

2 purple and yellow pansies.
Photo by Rodwell Harinangoni on Pexels.com

The little girl realized that the pansy could still communicate, but in a different way. She told everyone in the kingdom, and soon, people came from far and wide to talk to the giant talking pansy. The pansy was happy once again, and it continued to tell stories and jokes, bringing joy to everyone who visited the garden.

And so, the giant talking pansy became even more famous than before, not just for its wit and intelligence, but also for its resilience and ability to overcome adversity. It was a true inspiration to all who knew it, and it remained a beloved figure in the garden for many years to come.

I can’t promise one of these will be able to talk, but they’d still look lovely in a garden. Simply Garden Pansy Swiss Giant Mixed Seeds Grow Your Own Plants https://amzn.to/3FyeotN

This post contains an amazon affilliate link. If you choose to purchase, then I may earn a small amount.

Dreaming of a home.

I have already mentioned in a previous blog post that I would love to have my own place and be a home owner. It would be a bungalow.


My dream home would be a three bedroom bungalow with a generous sized enclosed garden, and a double garage connected to the bungalow.

This would allow me to have room for friends & family to stay over. Also I’d turn the garage into a couple of smaller rooms, one of which would be a craft room, space for all my creative chaos to reign in.

The garden would mainly be lawn and a patio area, but I’d also love a greenhouse. I do container gardening as this is more accessible for me as a wheelchair user.

Bonus points if there’s a conservatory, I’d absolutely love it if there was. But actually, just a bungalow (with a garden for the dog to enjoy) to call my own would be absolutely amazing, the other things would be delightful added extras.

Golden yellow flowers with a butterfly hovering above.

Lottery winner.

What would you do if you won the lottery?

What I’d do would depend on how much I won, but here’s what I would do if I won big money.

Firstly I’d be looking on rightmove and booking some viewings for bungalows that caught my eye. Nothing ridiculously fancy or stupid expensive. Ideally a 3 bed so I could have friends to stay, and a good sized garden, and a craft room.

I’d share with family, and invest some money too, also I would give a decent donation to a few charities close to my heart.

Have full time P.A rota set up and be able to give them a good wage. Travel more (just around the UK), and be able to do so pretty much spontaneously.

I don’t desire an extravagant lifestyle, just a comfortable life being able to afford what I need without any money worries.

I would splash out on one thing I’d really love though, and that’s an all terrain powerchair. But the top of my list would be the bungalow.

People everywhere!

When I take the dog out, we usually pass one of two people, and a couple of cars, maybe a cyclist too.

This morning we passed more people out and about than I can remember since the height of lockdown when everyone was going outside for their allotted exercise 1hr.

This surely shows that the weather is starting to turn in the right direction, and spring is well and truly on the way.

I see daffodils adorning the countryside just awaiting them to burst dramatically into beautiful flowers of yellow and orange. The colours will be returning to our gardens soon.

Take a walk on the wild side.


I am fortunate enough to reside in the serene countryside, nestled between a quaint village and a bustling town. This idyllic location affords me the privilege of witnessing the beauty of wildlife in its natural habitat.

One of my regular routes is a pedestrian path that meanders through verdant fields and the backyards of local residents. As I traverse this path, I am often greeted by the delightful sight of squirrels scampering amongst the trees. On rare occasions, I am even blessed with the presence of graceful deer.

In addition to these charming creatures, I have also had the pleasure of spotting rabbits, hares, foxes, and even a majestic barn owl during my leisurely strolls in the countryside.

Photo by bigworldinalens on Pexels.com

My garden is a haven for a plethora of avian species, including robins, blackbirds, starlings, magpies, blue tits, thrushes, and crows. Each of these feathered friends graces me with their presence at various times throughout the year. However, my heart belongs to the charming robins, blue tits, and the majestic deer that frequent my garden.

Living amidst such natural beauty is a true blessing, and I cherish every moment spent in the company of these magnificent creatures.

Who am I?

Now, I could sit here and tell you my name, age, where I live etc… but that wouldn’t tell you who I as a person am.


I am someone who is more than happy to abseil from the roof of a building, yet worries about not knowing the depth of drop of a kerb.

I love to listen to music, but want to be able to hear and understand the words, so I don’t like Opera.

Other people’s company is lovely, but I prefer to enjoy one or two people’s company rather than a party/group of people.

Definitely a major dog lover, I am a huge animal person, but cats aren’t really my favoured kind of pet. I’d rather have a dog, or a Bearded dragon, or a snake. Sugar Gliders fascinate me, but I’m not sure that I’d want one.

Food wise I prefer my meals to be simple in style, and not covered in fancy sauces. Though I do like sweet n sour chicken, and that has a sauce. Snacks, salty quite often, I don’t tend to add salt to food, but do enjoy the occasional salty snack. I am a fairly fussy eater, but I do know what I like.

Photo by Tima Miroshnichenko on Pexels.com

I believe everyone is of equal value, and no one should suffer due to the greed of others. Each person should be able to afford to eat, keep warm, housed, and clothed to a comfortable, safe, and decent level.

I absolutely encourage everyone who can, to vote. Remember if you are in the UK you will need voter ID for the next chance to vote in May, so find the list of what ID is accepted, and if you don’t have it then apply ASAP for free voter ID before the rush nearer the time starts. Stand up and be counted.

I prefer cold to rain, but my favourite seasons are spring and autumn. The summers are starting to have heatwaves, and winter is just wet, cold and windy. I go out in pretty much any weather, unless it’s not safe for me to do so.

Gardening is a great therapy, very peaceful and I love to see what I’ve planted grow and come to life in front of me, I container garden though as it’s more accessible. Last year as well as flowers, I grew tomatoes, peppers and strawberries.

An accessible Home, what would you want/need?

This is my list.

If I was designing my idea of the perfect place for me, I think I’d aim for very accessible but not overly controlled by technology such as Alexa.


First of all it would be a bungalow, and entirely step free. Have you ever noticed how many bungalows have a step at the front door, and or into the back garden? It seems crazy to me.

The main bathroom would have a bath, loo, and sink but be big enough for a wheelchair user to manoeuvre. The taps would be Lever taps and the sink would have space, rather than a storage area underneath so you can get close enough to it.

The main bedroom would have a profile bed, and easy access wardrobe with pull-down rails. There would be an ensuite wetroom all wheelchair user friendly with folding shower seat, plenty of grab rails, loo and height adjustable sink with lever taps.

The kitchen work surfaces would be height adjustable, and cupboards would be height adjustable with pull down shelving. There would be pull out surfaces to provide extra space when needed for ease of reach. Definitely a dishwasher, and ideally an American fridge/freezer for ease of access.

The dining room would have enough space to get around and accommodate a table big enough for 8, though that would be when it was extended for entertaining. The table would have space underneath to get right up to it as a wheelchair user.

I’d like two other bedrooms for visitors, or for one for a PA if/when needed. I’d obviously want to be able to get around the rooms as they’d be part of my home.

The front room would have space to manouvre in a wheelchair, and to have a second wheelchair user as well – I plan on having friends over!! There would be a firm but comfortable sofa, and also two rise and recline chairs for visitors to use. Also I would have a wood burner for the winter, and as a backup form of heating if there was a power cut.

Hallway lights would be movement activated, so I’d not have to keep switching them on and off. The doors would be operated and locks activated via a remote fob as I approached them, with a keycode entry probably for certain people authorised to use it.

Photo by Leeloo Thefirst on Pexels.com

Gardening (container gardening mostly) is something I’m really starting to enjoy and want to do more of, this is difficult in the winter, so I’d love a conservatory that I could sit in and enjoy looking at the garden all year round, and could start off seeds in when it was too cold for me to sit in the garden, and have some delightfully scented and pretty indoor plants in there all the time to bring the garden inside.

Windows would all be easy reach, or open/shut, and lockable by a remote control.

Definitely want and craft room/study, for all my hobbies. Who knew crafting could take up so much space!! This would have lots of kallax style shelfing, and height adjustable desks/work space.

Disability equipment such as wheelchairs need a storage space for when not in use, and for charging. This would be incorporated into a utility room along with any other medical supplies, and the washing machine and drier.

Outdoor space would include room for 2 cars to park, a small front garden area. Then a decent sized back garden that is completely enclosed, to be dog friendly. Some green space where I could grown some hydrangeas, and roses – my favourite plants. Ooh and some fruit trees, even if only those small patio ones. How wonderful would it be to be able to pop outside and pick some fruit to snack on. I already grow strawberries so they’d be a great addition to give variety.

No doubt I have forgotten some things, so if you have ideas please do leave a comment with your ideas or recommendations.