Cautious Gardener.

So far I have been keeping strong and resisting the urge to get out into the garden and start on the winter tidy up.

I’m so glad that I have done this, I did so because I thought we’d likely have more frost in the next week or so, but now the forecasts are threatening us with the possibility of snow this coming week.

Very soon, I will however, start my seeds indoors for the tomatoes I hope to grow those year. Last year I did reasonably well, but have definitely learnt I need to feed then more often. I’m kinda a casual relaxed gardener, so don’t always stick to a solid routine with feeding and suchlike.

This year I aim to be more organised on the feeding side of things, and hopefully it will show with the amount of tomatoes and strawberries that grow as a result of this.

What are you growing this year?