Totally Gripped!

I looked on Netflix yesterday and discovered that Lockwood & Co had finally arrived. This is the latest series from Writer/Director Joe Cornish, best known for such movies as Attack The Block and The Kid Who Would Be King.

This series is an adaptation of the young adult books written by Jonathan Stroud. I’m not sure how many books there are in the series, but there are 8 episodes of Lockwood & Co, I know this because I double checked before the first episode had even finished.

The story revolves around a small group teenage ghost-hunters as they navigate a London disturbed by spirits and spooky apparitions.

On Netflix the series is rated a 12 in the UK, but age 14 in the US. The ratings are due to language, sex references, and violence. I think some 12 year olds might well find it a bit too scary, but equally some will love it! You need to pay attention to the legal age obviously, but also know the audience well – nobody wants nightmares or a traumatised child. I personally would have been thrilled to watch something this good at that age.

There are naturally for this type of programme plenty of special effects, and you grow to love or hate the various characters depending on each one’s personality and roles in the story.

As the story unfolds various secrets are revealed, and most frustratingly we are left on a cliff hanger at the end.

I am now very impatiently longing for the next series to be released!!

P.S, If you have a dog, please walk it before you start watching Lockwood & Co, as you may well be totally mesmerised by it.