March, In The Garden


In March, there’s lots to be done in the garden. As spring begins to take hold, it’s time to start preparing your soil for planting by turning it over and adding organic material like compost or manure. Prune any shrubs or trees that need shaping or have dead wood from the winter, but don’t prune anything that blooms in the spring as this will remove the buds. Remove any leftover leaves and debris from autumn to help reduce fungal disease and pest issues. If you’re planning on sowing seeds directly into your garden beds, make sure they are weed-free and clear of rocks so that conditions are favorable for growth. Additionally, consider starting some seedlings indoors if you haven’t already done so, making sure they receive plenty of sunlight and water. And finally, don’t forget about fertilizing your lawn to give it a healthy boost before summer arrives!

Two people holding trays of seedlings. Photo by Greta Hoffman on