When did you last….


It’s been ages since I picked up a pen and scribbled out a letter, letting the ink bleed onto the page as I expressed my deepest thoughts and feelings. I used to love this ritual of putting my words down in longhand, savouring each stroke of the pen as it formed each letter with care. But now, in this digital age where typing has overtaken handwriting in terms of speed and convenience, it seems like such a foreign concept to take the time to craft something by hand. Perhaps it’s time to return to this lost art, to revive that sense of intimacy and personal touch that comes from receiving a handwritten note. The question lingers in my mind – when did I last write a letter? The answer is uncertain.

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels.com

I must admit I do love to receive letters through the mail, there’s something so special and tangible about holding and reading a letter, especially handwritten ones.

Do you still write letters by hand and send them in the mail?


Important Day for inclusion.

Yesterday I went to Portcullis House in London to take part in the official launch of the Disabled Citizens’ Inquiry. This aims to make walking & wheeling more inclusive for us all, and to give disabled people a voice in the process.


No Internet.

Well, the phone line has a fault so no Internet connection here at the moment.

I am writing this as a note on my mobile phone, then will be able to copy and paste it onto my blog once the WiFi is up and running again.

Its weird not having the instant access to the world that we have all become accustomed to. No up to the minute weather forecast, or news, no notifications that someone has added a new article to their blog, no funny photos via WhatsApp or social media, can’t send or receive emails either.

Most places I go to provide WiFi access, so my data allowance is kept small as it’s generally unnecessary most of the time, and saves money too.

This takes me back to those days in my far distant past where there was no home Internet, or the actually more frustrating era known as dial-up, where you got knocked offline everytime the house phone was used. Man that was so annoying!!

Children and teenagers of today would struggle to imagine life without Internet at all. It is used for almost every sector of our lives, from communication, education, health care, entertainment, banking etc…..

Would you be happy to live in a world where Internet didnt exist after having experienced it?

I’d be happy to live in a world which is far less instant, but feel that the possibilities provided by the Internet and modern technology outweigh the negatives.

Imagine having lived throughout lockdown without any Internet, we’d have been excluded from the world at large, and even from local friends and family. It would have caused so much more isolation, no video calling to catch up with and check in on people to see how they were getting on.

This ability was incredibly vital during lockdown, as you weren’t allowed to spend time with others, and couldn’t even visit dying loved ones in hospital. It allowed some families to say their last goodbyes, not in person, but the nearest that was possible.

Alexa enables people to live more independently, she can open and shut windows, turn lights on, set reminders for medication & appointments, read audio books online, find information for someone who can’t physically hold a book or use a computer.

Gosh, isn’t technology incredible when you actually sit down and think about all the things it helps us to do.

A touch of craft.


I have mentioned crafts in passing on a few of my entries, so thought I’d pop a photo of this Birthday card on here.

The A6 card includes stamped writing in the middle saying ‘Birthday wishes’ This is layered on top of a flowery stamped background. At either end of the stamped greeting, there’s a metal flower head. These have split pins at the back, but I just flattened them and stuck on firmly with pinflair bookbinding glue.

My favourite item of technology.

Technology, love it or hate it, we need it nowadays!!


My favourite item of technology has to be my Samsung galaxy phone. It is essential for me that I can always contact someone in an emergency, so this is a vital thing for me to have, not a luxury item.

Whilst I do have it for that vital need, it helps with so many other things, emails, keeping in touch with friends, assistance apps, maps, WhatsApp to keep in touch with and send messages/photos/voice messages to friends and family, notes and reminders, calendar, banking, store card apps, taking photos, and writing on here.

I use this app https://passengerassistance.com for train travel, it allows you to set up your own profile and book the assistance you need for the journey. You can find it as an app on your phones app store, or access the website via the link I have provided. I highly recommend it.

A Samsung Galaxy phone.
Photo by MOHI SYED on Pexels.com