Poem: Broken Wheelchair.


My wheelchair is broken, it’s out of commission
I can’t get around, and it’s causing frustration
I need it to move, to get from point A to B
But now I’m stuck, and it’s just not easy

I can’t roll down the hall, or explore the outdoors
My mobility’s limited, and it’s really a bore
I’m missing out on so much, it’s really not fair
My broken wheelchair is causing me despair

I called up the repairman, but he’s booked for days
So in the meantime, I’m stuck in a daze
But I won’t give up, I’ll stay strong and persist
I’ll find a solution, I won’t be dismissed

So here’s to my broken wheelchair, to this little setback
I’ll rise above it, I won’t be held back
I’ll keep pushing forward, through thick and thin
My mobility won’t be stopped, I’ll always win.

wheelchair all alone in big room.
Photo by Patrick De Boeck on Pexels.com

When to make a U-turn


You thought you were traveling down the right path, but then you realized you needed to make a U-turn. You avoided the Uturn and figured if you kept going straight for a little while longer, you’d eventually be able to turn right or left to get you back on your path. But every time you […]

When to make a U-turn

Death, changes perspective.

How does death change your perspective?

Photo by Natasha Fernandez on Pexels.com

I can’t remember a time when I wasn’t aware of death, even if I was too young to fully understand the concept at the time.

Sadly I have been all too aware of deaths ugly head rearing itself and taking friends, and relatives throughout my life.

The majority of my classmates for my final two years at college have since died, either due to their disabilities or due to other illnesses since college.

Each time, it reminds me of how many times I’ve cheated death and fought back, but equally, I know it’ll be my turn one day.

No-one really knows how long they have. So just enjoy life while you can.


Is it really your problem?

Think of what stresses you out. How much of it is really necessary? Have you thought about it? Let’s take a couple of everyday scenarios. It is time for the school run. You are struggling to get your 7-year-old out on time. Your mum cap still on before you take it off to exchange it […]

Is it really your problem?

The Stubborn, yet anxious Marshmallow.

If there was a biography about you, what would the title be?

The heading of this post, could well be the title of my autobiographical if I wrote one. Why, I hear you say. Well this is why….

I’m definitely stubborn, if I wasn’t I wouldn’t be here today. I’ve defied Dr’s all along and lived despite my medical conditions and physical disabilities.

Anxious, yes I am. I hide it well, possibly too well at times. So when I admit it, people think I’m being dramatic.

Marshmallow is me, I can come across harsh and bossy at times, but underneath all that determination and strong views I am a real softy.

So I think that explains the title. What would yours be called, and why?

Disability Gym

The gym doesn’t always feel like somewhere a wheelchair user might feel they can go and enjoy comfortably for many reasons

1. You feel you stand out a mile and can’t help but imagine everyone thinks you should not be there and don’t belong. Well forget them if they can’t be friendly and welcoming

2. Is there actually any equipment here that I can use? Any good gym should have a personal trainer who is willing to work with you and discuss what you can physically do safely, and from that create your own personal routine using the range of equipment you are able to use safely.

3. Access issues. If you want to join a gym then send an email, Facebook messenger, or give them a call to see what there attitude and access is like. Take notice of how they respond and how welcoming they sound, that’s a first impression of what they might be like at the gym itself.

4. What’s is your goal, what benefit do you hope to gain from going to the gym, is it realistic? If you want to get generally fitted, lose a bit of weight, or just tone up a bit go for it. If you have unrealistic ideas, you’ll be disappointed.

5. Is it safe for me to use a gym? If you’re unsure about your health/disability being a barrier to using the gym safely then have a word with your GP, Consultant or other medical expert who knows you and your condition about it first.

Pair of purple hand weights.

Caring Jobs.


Have you ever considered what it would be like to work as a Carer/PA? The truth is, everyone’s perception of this job is different. Some may assume that being a carer means doing everything for the client, but that’s not always the case. In reality, some clients only require a little extra help to complete tasks they can’t do alone.

Moreover, when you think of a client, do you automatically picture an elderly person? Think again. There are many people of working age and even children who require a PA to support them in living a fulfilling and independent life.

Photo by Tima Miroshnichenko on Pexels.com

Imagine being 28 years old and unable to meet a friend for lunch at a local café because you lack the support to get ready and travel there. It’s a reality for many people who require a PA. Unfortunately, those who are lucky enough to find a PA have limited hours, which means prioritising basic needs over social time.

However, being a PA can be a fantastic experience if you work for someone you get along with. It can even provide you with opportunities you might not have had otherwise, such as paid travel, weekends away, and concerts you couldn’t have afforded.

If you come across a job opening for a Carer/PA, don’t dismiss it automatically. Instead, be curious and inquire more about what the job entails. Who knows, you might end up applying for the job and loving it.

Health, and things that impact it.

We are hearing so much on the subject of fixing the NHS at the moment, but it’s not all down to the NHS. So many other areas impact on the heavy load they deal with.


We as a country could lessen that load by getting other areas right. For example, the state of the roads and pavements around the UK is appalling. Potholes can contribute to vehicle accidents meaning the NHS is needed.

Dodgy pavements and potholes can also cause falls, and damage mobility equipment. Both these issues cost the NHS money.

Unsuitable and unfit housing conditions can cause ill health such as lung problems, mental health crises, skin issues. Housing that’s not fit for the person’s needs can add to the risk of falling, dropping hot stuff causing burns/scalding.

Lack of carers, or the appropriate level of care and the necessary numbers of hours means that people aren’t being supported to live a safe and dignified way of life, being as independent as possible.

It’s not just about getting up, toileting, food, medication. These visits allow carers to notice changes in a person’s well being, help to make Dr’s appointments if necessary, and help them attend the appointment.

If you don’t know when you will next get a chance to go to the loo, you’ll limit your liquid intake which can cause kidney problems, or you may struggle to manage the loo even though it’s not safe to do so, and end up falling and require hospital treatment as a result.

Selling of school playgrounds limits the ability of schools to provide a selection of different sports and activities whole enable students to learn to experience and enjoy taking various types of exercise, and also reduces the space in which they can create a school/class vegetable garden and grow fresh food for students to enjoy and learn about where food comes from, and healthy eating in a practical way.

All these things have an impact on themselves, but they also impact the load on the National Health Service.

This was just a small simple post, so there’s probably masses I haven’t mentioned.

Frosty morning

Jack Frost, you sneak in silently under the cover of darkness. Just like a spy, except you leave evidence of your visit.

We awaken to find the world around us glistening in delight, as you decorated it to remind us to celebrate nature in all its glory.

Some might say you sparkle like diamonds, but I say its better than that. You sparkle like the eyes of lovers, or that of a child discovering with wonder that Father Christmas has visited.

As the sun comes out, you quietly without even a whisper creep away slowly and gently, but leave us with the feeling of magic within us, and the promise of warmer days to come.

One day, who knows when, I know you will return to remind us again.

Live, for how long?!?

Do you want to live forever?


Would I want to live forever? Forever is a very long time, longer than I could even imagine.

I think my answer would have to be, no, not unless my body stayed the same physical health and condition it is now (or better) and all those that I love, lived forever too.

It would be a long sad and lonely eternity if I was off bad health and had no friends and family in an ever moving and evolving world.

Photo by SHVETS production on Pexels.com

Just think how much has changed in yours, and your parents or even your grandparents lifetimes. All that new technology they’ve needed to learn and keep up with.

Forever is a lot longer than the number of years you and they’ve lived – gosh how many incredible yet confusing changes would you have to learn, understand and master.