Giant Dinosaur coming to London!!

Do you have a dinosaur enthusiast in the family? Well, you might like to get on down to The Natural History Museum in London this year.


Who could resist a chance to see the Titanosaur, It was the largest dinosaur ever to walk the earth. Believed to have stood about 8 metres tall. I can’t even imagine that!! You get a chance to walk beneath the dinosaur skeleton, it sounds like an unforgettable experience.

If you want to know more, have a look here:

The Natural History Museum website can be found here:

For anyone with travel access needs going to, or in London, this should be helpful. I use the passenger assistance app which is mentioned on here for planning train travel.

Gift ideas for a dinosaur fan:

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Important Day for inclusion.

Yesterday I went to Portcullis House in London to take part in the official launch of the Disabled Citizens’ Inquiry. This aims to make walking & wheeling more inclusive for us all, and to give disabled people a voice in the process.

London Ahead.

Well I am off to London on Wednesday, the first time I’ve been on a train since before Covid19 took over our lives. So slightly nervous about the journey, but have done all the pre-journey preparation that I can.

I’ve booked assistance for a ramp to board, and disembark the train each way, tickets are booked, checked the access details for the stations, and booked a wheelchair space and a seat for the person travelling with me.

London Overground train with remembrance poppy by Christopher Hilton is licensed under CC-BY-SA 2.0

Have checked my destination is accessible, and also made sure I have a radar key should it be needed to access disabled loos. Will look online on the journey to make sure lifts required are working, and if all else fails get a bus or taxi instead of the underground.

As a wheelchair user you always have to have a back up plan!!