Readers, a mystery to solve.

Any sci-fi readers out there, I need your help please. I have a mystery I’ve been unable to solve.

I can’t tell you much, but I’ll tell you what I can.

In the early to mid 90’s I borrowed a book from the library, and little bits of it just stuck with me, but for the life of me I can remember the title or author of the book. No-one I have asked since, has ever recognised it.

So this book had a scientist/genetics expert in it, he and his wife had a child, and as far as I remember unknown to her he altered the child’s genes to make it super intelligent.

Continuing onwards said child is born, and around 10 months old (I think) starts suddenly talking in the supermarket saying things like coffee, and spaghetti.

I am hoping you can help me find the book again. I’d like to re-read it. Thankyou to all my wonderful readers.


Foodie loves

Gosh this is gonna make me feel hungry 🙄😂

OK so on the whole I like fairly simple meals, no fancy sauces or posh relishes. There are a few exceptions, but not many.

I adore pasta, so any simple tomato or bolognaise type dishes involving pasta go down well.

A roast is up high on the list too. Not roast beef though.

A fruit scone, hot with a small amount of butter is what I call bliss!

Fruit is preferable to veg, though I do eat veg. Just I like a wider variety of fruits than veg.

I’m a marmite lover, but I just like normal marmite on toast or in a cheese sandwich. Not this weird thing of adding marmite flavour to chocolate or suchlike.

Random stuff about me.

I love most music, but dislike opera.

Any pasta is acceptable, I adore pasta, but twisted pasta is my favourite shape.

I think salad cream is delicious, but cannot stand mayonnaise.

My favourite flowers are roses, and hydrangeas. I dislike the smell of daffodils.

My lounge is grey with coloured accessories

My favourite ways to keep contact are in person, or via WhatsApp, social media, or email. I don’t often make phone calls.

Chocolate or crisps? I’ll take the crisps please. I do like both, just rarely opt for chocolate.

I love to sing, but cannot carry a tune – sorry everyone. 🤣

I got my first powerchair at the age of 3.

I can’t draw for toffee, but did G.C.S.E Photography.

The Stubborn, yet anxious Marshmallow.

If there was a biography about you, what would the title be?

The heading of this post, could well be the title of my autobiographical if I wrote one. Why, I hear you say. Well this is why….

I’m definitely stubborn, if I wasn’t I wouldn’t be here today. I’ve defied Dr’s all along and lived despite my medical conditions and physical disabilities.

Anxious, yes I am. I hide it well, possibly too well at times. So when I admit it, people think I’m being dramatic.

Marshmallow is me, I can come across harsh and bossy at times, but underneath all that determination and strong views I am a real softy.

So I think that explains the title. What would yours be called, and why?

Important Day for inclusion.

Yesterday I went to Portcullis House in London to take part in the official launch of the Disabled Citizens’ Inquiry. This aims to make walking & wheeling more inclusive for us all, and to give disabled people a voice in the process.

Make-up, yes or no?

I love wearing make-up but am extremely unconfident of my ability to apply it well, so rarely wear it. However I am going to be at a media event on Wednesday, so feel it is an occasion for me to wear some – just some basic coverage to hide any blemish’s etc….. nothing over the top or overly obvious, a ‘natural’ look.

What basic and simple advise can you give me? I have invested in concealer and a foundation, and already have loads of eye-shadows, lipstick/gloss, etc…. just felt the foundation I had was due to be replaced.

I have quite pale skin so please bear that in mind,

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Good Morning

Hello, I hope everyone is ok.

YAY to the days getting longer, it’s not even 8am yet, but the sky is no longer pitch black, this is so lovely it makes me feel more optimistic and awake in the mornings.

I wonder what you’ll do with your day. My first things will be a cuppa tea, and then I’ll be up and out for an hours walk with the dog. Get back and get some stuff done on the laptop, and do a few other bits n bobs.

Having been all day yesterday, I then intend to have a fairly relaxed day today to recover. Though the dog will want a second walk at some point later on.

We seem to have acquired a few uninvited visitors recently, I’ll add a photo so you can see what I mean, luckily the dog ignores them.

Have a wonderful day whatever you plan to do.

The uninvited guests.

Hidden secrets.


As a child I loved reading mystery stories, you know, those ones with smugglers and other crimes too.

Apart from the excitement of finding out what was going to happen next, and who the guilty person was, and their capture. I was also absolutely fascinated by all the secret passageways and hidden entrances.

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The ‘detectives’ in these books were often children, such and those in the ‘Famous Five’ stories. Gosh didn’t they have amazing adventures and such freedom too!!

My nearest city has secret (well old) passages underneath it, and I’d love to be able to go down there and explore. What an incredible and interesting experience that would be.

5 things I can do well.

Share five things you’re good at.

1. Having a disability means that I have had to learn to think outside of the box, and develop my own way to do things. Sometimes it might look bizarre, or even dangerous but if it works don’t knock it.


2. I can shoot, yes I do target shooting using an air pistol. This is something I love doing, and have been doing at a wonderful family run shooting range about 20 minutes drive from where I live.

3. Read fairly quickly, I thoroughly enjoy reading a good book. Mostly I opt for true stories/biographies type books, but will give most genres a try.

4. Shopping, I adore mooching around shops and browsing for items and potential gifts. I’m good at finding a bargain. Managed to bag a whole lot of brand new tops from a shop that was closing down a few years back. When I worked out the average cost of each item, it came to 34p per item!! They’ve all been worn, so none were unused purchases.

5. Planning ahead, and making sure there’s back-up plan in case of problems or lack of access. This is a must have skill set if you’re a wheelchair user. Each part of a journey has to be planned ahead, and alternative routes saved on the phone for emergencies. Checking access ahead of arrival, also eating places, and the whereabouts of accessible loos. Ensuring step free access all along, and booking transport assistance, tickets to events in advance making it totally clear that help with ramps is vital, and I cannot stand, let alone walk a step, so full awareness of this is on record at destination and en-route.

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