My 3 essentials.

What are three objects you couldn’t live without?

I’ve been thinking about this since I first saw the question this morning. It’s a difficult one to answer, but here’s my answer.

OK, so the first object would have to be my powerchair, live would be incredibly miserable and isolated without it. I can’t walk at all, nor can I push a manual wheelchair.

Item two would be my mobile phone, again this is me being practical. My contacts are on it, along with emails for insurances, I have thousands of photos either on the phone or online, all can be accessed from the phone. Basically pretty much anything official can be sorted using it, and I can keep in touch with friends and family via it.

The third item, this I think would have to be a teddy bear that my Mum gave me, it has precious memories attached to it. I’m not a huge cuddly toy person, but I love this one.

Someone taking a photo using a mobile phone.