Norwich – my favourite place

What is your favorite place to go in your city?

I think my favourite place in Norwich has to be the Norwich Theatre Royal

They put on truly incredible 🎭 performances there, the shows are amazing!!!

I have seen so many wonderful shows there, some locally produced and some London shows too. Loved watching Evita, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, pantomimes, and many other wonderfully played events.

The theatre does it’s best to be as accessible as possible for all, and provides a good amount of wheelchair places where you can sit with friends/family and enjoy it all together.

There’s a bar area, and you can eat at the theatre too, or at the Assembly House next-door.

The theatre have disabled loos, but not a changing places one, however, there are changing places loos nearby which you could use before or after the show I believe.

Norwich has two shopping centres (malls) in the city centre, both near the theatre, and as far as I’m aware both have a changing places loo. I know that Chantry Place does, and I’m 99% sure that Castle Quarter does as well. Castle Quarter’s is more likely to be open layer, as that shopping centre has a cinema which will be used up till late at night.

View of theatre curtains.


Important Day for inclusion.

Yesterday I went to Portcullis House in London to take part in the official launch of the Disabled Citizens’ Inquiry. This aims to make walking & wheeling more inclusive for us all, and to give disabled people a voice in the process.

Changing Places, Norwich.

I had to go to Norwich (UK) yesterday, and by chance discovered that Chantry Place shopping centre has a changing places loo. It’s on the dining terrace level, and requires a radar key to access it.

It was later in the day, and the centre was quiet so I decided to pop and take some photos so people might be aware of it, and the facilities provided in there.

There’s a bench for changing, or if you need time out of a chair to stretch for a short time etc…. a hoist, bars by the loo, a height adjustable sink with controller to the taps/plug/light for mirror above the sink, there’s also two hand dryers one’s lower down with a fun themed picture on it. Also there is a screen which is movable if required.

Room to transfer from either side of the loo, though you may need to move that yellow bin, I’m not certain about that. The red cord was hanging down to almost floor length, and hadn’t been tied up like so many are.

Hidden secrets.


As a child I loved reading mystery stories, you know, those ones with smugglers and other crimes too.

Apart from the excitement of finding out what was going to happen next, and who the guilty person was, and their capture. I was also absolutely fascinated by all the secret passageways and hidden entrances.

Photo by Brady Knoll on

The ‘detectives’ in these books were often children, such and those in the ‘Famous Five’ stories. Gosh didn’t they have amazing adventures and such freedom too!!

My nearest city has secret (well old) passages underneath it, and I’d love to be able to go down there and explore. What an incredible and interesting experience that would be.

Ideal reading zone.

You get to build your perfect space for reading and writing. What’s it like?


I love reading and always have done. I grew up reading all sorts of books, fiction, true stories, adventure, crime, magical, mystery and more.

Books take you into a whole new world, each one is different, and you can’t help but learn something from each new book you read. These new worlds deserve a special place in which to be enjoyed and savoured from the real world in which we live.

If I could have a special area/room just for reading in, then this is what I’d love to create….. A room with two opposite walls filled with bookshelves, one end wall would have a bay window with a deep window seat with angled ends which could act as a back rest if desired.

Photo by cottonbro studio on

There would be plenty of cushions and a lovely Sherpa fleece draped to one side to snuggle up in whilst reading, and a flip round table on which to rest the book if wanted.

At the other end of the room would be a real working fireplace, and to one side there would be a mini fridge containing milk and butter, there would also be tea and hot chocolate things along with bread, as well as a kettle and toaster so you could spend all day in there drinking tea and eating freshly made toast.

No, I didn’t forget the door, that would be a secret hidden left for you to discover how to get into my little private hideaway library.

An accessible Home, what would you want/need?

This is my list.

If I was designing my idea of the perfect place for me, I think I’d aim for very accessible but not overly controlled by technology such as Alexa.


First of all it would be a bungalow, and entirely step free. Have you ever noticed how many bungalows have a step at the front door, and or into the back garden? It seems crazy to me.

The main bathroom would have a bath, loo, and sink but be big enough for a wheelchair user to manoeuvre. The taps would be Lever taps and the sink would have space, rather than a storage area underneath so you can get close enough to it.

The main bedroom would have a profile bed, and easy access wardrobe with pull-down rails. There would be an ensuite wetroom all wheelchair user friendly with folding shower seat, plenty of grab rails, loo and height adjustable sink with lever taps.

The kitchen work surfaces would be height adjustable, and cupboards would be height adjustable with pull down shelving. There would be pull out surfaces to provide extra space when needed for ease of reach. Definitely a dishwasher, and ideally an American fridge/freezer for ease of access.

The dining room would have enough space to get around and accommodate a table big enough for 8, though that would be when it was extended for entertaining. The table would have space underneath to get right up to it as a wheelchair user.

I’d like two other bedrooms for visitors, or for one for a PA if/when needed. I’d obviously want to be able to get around the rooms as they’d be part of my home.

The front room would have space to manouvre in a wheelchair, and to have a second wheelchair user as well – I plan on having friends over!! There would be a firm but comfortable sofa, and also two rise and recline chairs for visitors to use. Also I would have a wood burner for the winter, and as a backup form of heating if there was a power cut.

Hallway lights would be movement activated, so I’d not have to keep switching them on and off. The doors would be operated and locks activated via a remote fob as I approached them, with a keycode entry probably for certain people authorised to use it.

Photo by Leeloo Thefirst on

Gardening (container gardening mostly) is something I’m really starting to enjoy and want to do more of, this is difficult in the winter, so I’d love a conservatory that I could sit in and enjoy looking at the garden all year round, and could start off seeds in when it was too cold for me to sit in the garden, and have some delightfully scented and pretty indoor plants in there all the time to bring the garden inside.

Windows would all be easy reach, or open/shut, and lockable by a remote control.

Definitely want and craft room/study, for all my hobbies. Who knew crafting could take up so much space!! This would have lots of kallax style shelfing, and height adjustable desks/work space.

Disability equipment such as wheelchairs need a storage space for when not in use, and for charging. This would be incorporated into a utility room along with any other medical supplies, and the washing machine and drier.

Outdoor space would include room for 2 cars to park, a small front garden area. Then a decent sized back garden that is completely enclosed, to be dog friendly. Some green space where I could grown some hydrangeas, and roses – my favourite plants. Ooh and some fruit trees, even if only those small patio ones. How wonderful would it be to be able to pop outside and pick some fruit to snack on. I already grow strawberries so they’d be a great addition to give variety.

No doubt I have forgotten some things, so if you have ideas please do leave a comment with your ideas or recommendations.