Inclusion isn’t the same as Belonging.

Just because you’re included doesn’t mean you feel like you belong so inclusion isn’t the same as belonging.

I’ll explain further. Take this example a group of classmates decide to go bowling in and out for a meal in the evening they invite you along including you in the event you’re not left out.


However when you get to the bowling alley you find there are steps down to where the actual bowling is. Now being in a wheelchair you can’t get down those steps. So while everyone else is bowling, you are left at the top having a drink, while you watch anyone else having fun. You don’t feel like you belong.

After this you all go to the pub for a meal together. The pub is it totally accessible, your friends checked it out in advance, and booked a table you could easily get to.

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They made sure the pub catered for everybody’s food requirements, and you all have a brilliant time, that’s when you feel like belonging!

As I’ve shown you are included on both things, but only one of them make you feel like you truly belong there. That’s the difference between the two.

Everybody should always feel like they belong, it’s lonely otherwise!