Yes it has actually started to snow here. Considering we live in the UK this current flurry could last 5 seconds or 5 days, but most likely it will be 5 seconds!

Other parts of the country have got far more than we have. I’m a bit jealous but also glad that we haven’t got any if that makes sense. I love looking at it but it really isn’t practical.

On the other hand the dog and the teenager I would absolutely love it. Be nice to have it on a day that no one has to go anywhere.

I’m hoping to go out tomorrow so I’m really hoping the snow won’t scupper my plans.

Have you got snow where you are? Do you love it or hate it?

By the way it’s still snowing, and trying to settle, but I think the ground is too warm. If it’s still snowing overnight then I think it might settle, but I don’t think we’ll get very much.