Canva Experience.


Today, I set out to create captivating images and videos for my social media platforms. In order to achieve this, I took it upon myself to learn how to use Canva for the first time. Although it was a bit of a learning curve, I was able to produce some impressive content and enjoyed the creative freedom that Canva provided me with.

Moving forward, I plan to continue utilising Canva to advertise and promote my products. While I am currently using the basic version, I am open to upgrading to the pro account if it proves to be a valuable investment and boosts my sales.

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I loved discovering how to use the animation options to bring everything to life, and make it more eye-catching and appealing to people scrolling by.


Starting a blog

I have only been blogging for about 5 months now, and have basically been trying to teach myself as I go along. I am no expert, definitely still a beginner but thought I’d share some bits that I have picked up along the journey so far.


Choose a name/title that reflects you and your blogs subject.

Don’t be scared to experiment with different layouts, but also remember to see if the layout change has affected your font size, or picture placements etc….

If you plan to use WordPress ads to monotonise the size, do so from the start so your readers know to expect it.

Write a few blog posts and save as drafts to start with, it’ll help you get lift off when you publish the first few together. Then try to post regularly, your readers will appreciate knowing roughly when they can expect to be able to read your next post.

Add alt text for images you use, it doesn’t take very long to do and helps make your blog more accessible and Google likes it too.

Also, add excerpts of your post so people get curious enough to have a further look by going to your blog post to read the rest.

Create categories for your posts, you can then select the most suitable ones for each post before you publish it. Also, add appropriate tags for your posts as well. Think about what people might search for when wanting to learn the contents. Use SEO info to help you do this, you can look for SEO words/phrases online. Don’t add more than 15 of either of these in total, it works best to use less, but do use enough.

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Ask other bloggers for advise, and you can go to the reader option at the top of the screen to search for a blog that covers what you want to learn about blogging. One I refer to a lot is it contains clear and concise information, and the author will respond to any questions/comments you leave.

Interact with other blogs on here, people will do likewise to you on your blog if you make an effort, but leave a proper reply, not just – thanks, a ‘like’, or an emoji.

Share your blog on social media, add blog posts to social media. You can get WordPress to do this automatically for you to a few sites. Do interact with others on social media in general though. Like and share posts that appeal to you, leave comments too.


How do you use social media?

How do you use social media? I wonder what you use it for. This is how I use it.


Social media is how I keep in contact with friends, family, the local community, and colleagues where I volunteer. Social networking online (as well as offline) allows you to connect with people from further afield and finding those who share your same interests and knowledge, this allows you to build up a wider range of people to help, and who can help you.

As well as keeping in touch with people I know, using social media enables me to keep up to date with local events and news which I may not know about otherwise, as people and businesses post about these in groups, or as posts/events on sites such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, and LinkedIn. There are many more Social Media websites and apps, but these are the ones I myself am most familiar.

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One other thing I use these sites as a social media marketing strategy for sharing my blog posts to a wider audience. I don’t do this on all the Social media sites mentioned earlier on, but I certainly do on several of them. Social media platforms are a great way to share snippets of information whilst providing a link to the full article elsewhere.

Be aware that anything you put online, stays online, so decide your limits in advance and stick with them. Don’t get keyboard happy and say things that you’d regret later, and wouldn’t normally say face to face. Also think carefully about any other information and photos you put online. The laws still apply online.