Fun times.

List five things you do for fun.

Fun can be found in so many ways, here are a few things I really enjoy doing.


1. Reading is something I find great fun, and it can be educational too. I love delving into different stories and disappearing into yet another world, whether it be one about wizards and magic, or a murder mystery book. As you read it opens your eyes and imagination to new possibilities, it also helps improve your spelling and vocabulary.

2. Shooting, in my case target shooting using an air pistol. This is really enjoyable, I go to a fantastic local club which is accessible for wheelchair users, but anyone is more than welcome to have a go as long as they are able to shoot safely and follow instructions. I thrive on the challenge of trying to better my previous scores, and take part in competitions too.

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3. Word games are a something I find fun to do whilst I’m sat having a cuppa, I do enjoy Wordle, word searches, crosswords, anagrams, and other word puzzles too. Wordle is done while enjoying my first cuppa of the day, it helps getting my brain working in the morning.

4. Paper crafting, and being creative in general helps me relax and it’s a great way of making something personal and unique for Birthdays, Christmas etc….

5. I love spending time in the garden in the warmer months, just enjoying nature, planting seeds and watching things grow.




If you started a sports team, what would the colours and mascot be?

If I was to start a sports team, well that would be highly unlikely for a start, but supposing for a moment that I did. The colours I’d opt for would be…..
Red and gold, bright and show a hint of the fire and energy from the soul of the team members. Colours that can be seen easily and not forgotten.

If I did start a sports team, I reckon it would have to be a wheelchair hockey team. I loved playing hockey as a teenager.

My current sport is target shooting (paper targets), but this is more of an individual sport really.