What does Sunday mean to you?

When I was growing up Sundays would traditionally be a day for going to Church, and having a roast dinner. The shops would pretty much all be shut. It was considered a sabbath day, and a day of rest.

Nowadays fewer people go to Church, the shops are open from 10-4 on the whole, and there are generally various events going on. A far cry from the past!

Now I’m not saying one is better than the other, just different. After all, just because the shops are open, it doesn’t mean you have to go there on a Sunday.

It does mean that if a family member is working Monday to Saturday, they can still get a chance to shop or enjoy a family event together. So as you see there are positive aspects in the changes.

Personally I tend to have Sunday as a relaxing day doing not much, but just potter about the place and go at my own pace.

How do you spend your ideal Sunday?

A stained glass window from a Church.