More than a Lidl impressed.

Today, my family and I couldn’t decide what to eat for lunch. So, I suggested we try out the new Lidl store that just opened up nearby. I usually go to other supermarkets, but they’re farther away and I needed to grab something quickly in between walking my dog and running other errands.


Since I’ve never shopped at Lidl before, I wasn’t sure what to expect. But, I have to say, the food was really delicious! I’ll definitely be going back there again. The staff were also super friendly and helpful. They even checked the expiration dates on the food to make sure it would last us a few days.

I didn’t take any pictures, but I did keep the receipt to show you guys what I bought and how affordable it was. We were able to feed four people with what I got, and there’s still plenty left over for lunch or snacks for the next day or two. Overall, I had a great experience at Lidl and I highly recommend it!


Too many bags!?


Well, my dear, I hate to break it to you but you are definitely not alone in the “collection of bags for life” club. In fact, some might argue that it’s practically a rite of passage nowadays. We’ve all been there- scouring the supermarket aisles for the sturdiest and most stylish bag-for-life to add to our ever-growing collection. And who can blame us? Not only are they durable and eco-friendly, but they also make carrying groceries a whole lot easier (trust me on this one). So fear not my friend, proudly tote your plethora of reusable shopping bags with pride- after all, nothing says “adulting” quite like having a designated bag for each day of the week.