Too old?

Is there anything you feel too old to do anymore?

As I look around me, I see all sorts of bits and bobs that I have kept from my past. Thinking it’ll be good to keep that, I might need it in the future, truth be told, if I haven’t made use of them yet, I doubt I will.

Someone cleaning and tidying half empty shelves Photo by SHVETS production on

I’m too old to keep hold of all the unnecessary stuff from my past. I need to sort it all and reduce it to a sensible amount, made up of the most important memories and paperwork that I need or will treasure in the future.


This will make life easier and help me create a more minimalist lifestyle. Thus leaving far more time for other stuff which I will be able to enjoy rather than cleaning clutter.

Also if/when I do move house in the future, it will be easier to pack all that I need. Where’s that lottery win?