Insta-Dri Nail polish.

I don’t often wear nail polish, to be honest I am not brilliant at putting it on, usually I end up smudging it before it has dried.

When I went to the Disabled Citizens Inquiry launch, however, I though I should make the effort. Having had a browse for colours to go with the outfit I was planning to wear, I came across a make I’d not come across before. I did say I don’t wear it often! This looked a gorgeous colour and claimed to dry really quickly – less chance of me managing to smudge it I thought, and the price was good too, so I decided to buy it and see what it was like.


Well, it was so easy to apply, some nail varnishes are incredibly runny, whilst others can be thick and awkward to put on. This glided on with ease, dried really quickly and lastedt ages without marking or starting to look tatty. Definitely on my list of future purchases, there are loads of other colours I want to try!!

  • Formulated with a base and top coat
  • Quick drying in just 60 seconds
  • Up to 33 Percent longer hold, with chip protection
  • Streak-free application, the brush contours for a smooth finish
  • 1 Stroke-1 Coat-Done

If you fancy trying it too, have a look on here where there’s loads of different colours to choose from.

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