Valentine’s Day.

February the 14th is also known as Valentine’s Day, named after St Valentine. The patron saint of lovers. He is believed to have been a Roman priest who got into trouble with Emperor Claudius Gothicus because of him helping persecuted Christians marry.

Nowadays, however, it has become a huge commercial event for shops to try and get us to spend money. Flowers cost more for this day than on other days, companies repackage products for the occasion so they can charge more.

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I am a huge romantic, but object to the commercialisation of this day. Remember, you can show the love of your life how much you love them on any day of the year, so don’t feel compelled by advertising, media, social pressures etc…. to fall into the trap of buying expensive stuff or paying over the odds for a meal out on that day.

There are other ways to show your love, and on any day of the year.

  1. Always end the day on good terms, and say I love you – and mean it.
  2. Write a letter or poem telling them how you feel.
  3. Pop a random funny love note where they’ll see it.
  4. Even if you can’t afford a meal out, you could fill a flask with a hot drink and take some biscuits or cake and go for a walk and stop somewhere to enjoy them.
  5. Watch the sun rise, and set with them.
  6. Sit and chat, about everything, and about nothing in particular.
  7. Ask how their day has been, and listen to the answer.
  8. Cook their favourite meal, and eat it together by candlight.
  9. Buy them some flowers, or if that’s too expensive then make some out of paper. They’ll appreciate the thought and effort.
  10. Share a hobby/interest together.
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