When will it stop?

What can we do? I really don’t know apart from to have the rules enforced more rigorously and harsher punishments for not following them. I know many are following these rules, often in difficult situations, but doing their best for the future of birds, and nature as a whole.

Robin with a worm in it's beak.

This is obviously not enough as bird flu is still spreading, and is now being found in other animals such as otters and foxes. So please if you have birds or ducks etc…. and live in a control zone, do your bit and keep them safe and undercover in an enclosed area – a wire roof won’t help as it’ll still let in droppings and feathers etc… from wild birds/animals flying overhead, or perching on top.

We have already had several years of lockdowns, ill health, and sadly deaths too due to Covid19. No one wants bird flu to make the leap from birds/animals to humans!

I am no expert but I advise that if you do feel you need to move a dead animal that you make sure you wear gloves and dispose of the body carefully and responsibly, washing hands and your clothes (disinfecting shoes) as soon as possible afterwards.

The public is warned not to touch dead or sick birds, but to report any dead birds of prey, three or more dead wild waterfowl or five or more dead birds of any species to the Defra helpline 03459 335 577 or online at www.gov.uk/guidance/report-dead-wild-birds.

Meanwhile keep loving and respecting nature, remember have fun & take your rubbish home with you, or dispose of it responsibly in a bin.

Bus shelter, phone box, rubbish bin and signpost at Edington by Rob Purvis
Bus shelter, phone box, rubbish bin and signpost at Edington by Rob Purvis is licensed under CC-BY-SA 2.0

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