100 Incredible Years.

Write a letter to your 100-year-old self.

Hello Me,

I can’t believe I reached a 100 years old, or have you cheated and opened this to read early? I know you’re nosey and may have forgotten what you wrote all these years ago.

Pink Birthday cake with Happy Birthday on it.

If you (I) really have just had your 100th birthday then, bloody hell, I’m awe-struck in amazement!! As I write this, the world is beautiful, but lets be honest, it’s got itself in a right old mess!!

Climate change is affecting our world, which is impacting on our environment and therefore our daily lives. Flooding, heatwaves, earthquakes and other natural phenomenon are occurring more and more, and in new places where they haven’t happened before. I mean only yesterday I read an article online saying that England is likely to be hit by a Tsunami. I am guessing either that didn’t happened, or you managed to evacuate (I wonder where to) in time. Thank goodness!!


I hope you we got a 100th Birthday card from the King/Queen this year, or has the Royal Family been removed by now? If not, I wonder who is the Head of the Royal Family now.

At this moment it kinda feels like the country is falling apart and goodness knows what has happened as the Social Care System isn’t great. I hope you ended up having your own home, and are still living there happily with any care requirements you may have being provided suitably. In which case either things have improved, or you won the lottery – literally I mean.

I know technology has changed tremendously in my lifetime so far, I can’t being to imagine what has been made possible since. I mean, are you even living on the planet Earth now, or have we inhabited another planet?


Please say hello to all I know who are still about, and remember to always say ‘I love you’ to the ones you truly love.


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